About Fornesa Art

Fornesa Art is my personal art platform where I feature my full repository of quality, chosen artwork and will continue to do so. As Fornesa Art, I put in my full self into my work and, while that may not be for everyone’s tastes, I move forward and try to progress. However, the big change for me is that so far in the year 2021, I have drawn every single day. However, I do not believe that everything I post on Instagram is a masterpiece, and so not all works featured there will be uploaded here. I will say, though, that if you are interested in seeing my full-er body of work, please go to @fornesaart on Instagram. And for more information about me, feel free to visit my website.


If you’re an existing member, regardless, please go to this link to sign in.


If you are not currently a member of my subscription website and would like to help in supporting my work, please subscribe to my Big Cartel profile.

My (Other) Online Art Spaces

I am currently in the process of building up my online art presence, thus, not all of the following websites will be populated with work. However, all of these websites are accessible to the public as of this moment.

To see where you will (soon) be able to purchase my art directly or purchase digital derivatives, please consult the following list.

  • Fornesus – The space to purchase digital versions and derivatives of my artwork, as well as (occasionally) original digital creations.
  • Fornesa Art Shop – The space to purchase actual paintings and drawings. Note that this space will only be used based on availability of work to sell.
  • Subscription – For now, this is a way that anyone can support my art at the level that they feel comfortable with. As development of this application by the Big Cartel platform continues, however, you will soon be able to access exclusive content from myself that you will not find elsewhere online – not even in this space.

To view my existing collection of work (outside of this art space), please consult the following list.

  • Preview art – This space showcases a preview of some of my older work (both student and personal).
  • Student art – This space showcases a preview of some of the work that I created as a student.
  • Personal art – This space showcases a preview of some of the older work that I created on my own volition.
  • Art Blog – This space will feature some of my thoughts on the art world in general, as well as my creative inspirations.
  • Art Tumblr – This space showcases some of my works that I have deemed suitable for social media.
  • Poetic art – This space showcases a collection of poetry that I have written.